Ethiopian Micro-Finance Business laws


Proclamation No. 1164/2019 Microfinance Business (Amendment) Proclamation

Microfinance Business Proclamation no. 626

Directives on Micro-finance Business (external link)

 Licensing, Credit Information and Examination Fees of microfinance Institutions Directive No. MFI/34/2022 

 Licensing, Credit Information and Examination Fees of Capital Goods Finance Companies Directive No. CGFB/13/2022 

 MFI/33/2022 Requirements for Information Technology (IT) Management of Microfinance Institution 

MFI/32/2021 Licensing and Authorization of Interest Free Microfinancing Business

FIS/04/2021 Requirement for  Undertaking Account Based Transaction and Ensuring of Regulatory Limits 

MFI-31/2020 Risk Based Internal Audit

 SMIB/3/2020 Licensing,License Renewal and Product Approval

 FIS/02/2020 Use of Agents FIS/02/2020

MFI/03/2020 Equity Investment by FNEO Directives No. MFI-30-2020

 MFI/01/1996 Minimum Capital Requirements

 MFI/02/1996 Contribution in Kind

 MFI/07/96 Branches

 MFI/14/2002Penalty for failure to Comply with the Requirements of proclamation No. 40/1996 and Directives of the National Bank of Ethiopia

 MFI/15/2002 Minimum Liquidity Requirement

 MFI/29/2017 Interest Rates Applicable to Micro Financing Institutions

 MFI/21/2012 Requirements for Persons with significant Influence in a Micro finance Institution

 MFI/23/2013 Requirements for Licensing and Renewal of Microfinance Business

 MFI/28/2016 Limit on Loans, Repayment period and provisioning Requirement

 MFI/24/2013 Investment in Equities of Allied Activities

 MFI/12/2012 Manner of Financial and Operational Information Reporting

 MFI/26/2014 Fraud Monitoring