Ethiopian Telecommunication and Digitization Laws




Mobile Number Portability Directive No. 831-2021 (English).pdf
SIM Card Registration Directive No. 799-2021(English).pdf
Telecommunications Competition Directive No. 798-2021 (English).pdf
Telecommunications Consumer Rights and Protection Directive No. 832-2021 (English).pdf
Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Directive No. 796-2021 (English).pdf
Telecommunications Infrastructure Sharing and Collocation Directive No. 793-2021(English).pdf
Telecommunications Interconnection Directive No. 791-2021 ( English).pdf
Telecommunications Lawful Tariffs Directive No. 797-2021 (English).pdf
Telecommunications Licensing Directive No. 792-2021 (English).pdf
Telecommunications Numbering Directive No. 795-2021 (English).pdf
Telecommunications Quality of Service Directive No. 794-2021 (English).pdf
Telecommunications Wholesale National Roaming Directive No. 800-2021 (English).pdf