Useful Gov. Websites


Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia

African Leadership Excellent Academy

Agriculture Transformation Agency

Amanuel Mental Hospital

Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI)

Bio and Emerging Technology Institute

Business Portal

Ethiopian Civil Service Commission

Authority for Civil Society Organizations

Central Statistics Authority

Chemical And Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute

Council of Constitutional Inquiry

Ethiopian Air Force

Ethiopia Artificial Intelligence Institute

Document Authentication and Registration Service

Ethiopian Bio-Diversity Institute

Ethiopian Construction Authority

Ethiopian Construction Work Corporation

Ethiopian Custom Commission

Ethiopia Cyber Emergency Readiness and Response Team

Ethiopian Diaspora Service

Ethiopian Enterprise Development

Ethiopian Digital Foundation Project

Ethiopian Electric Utility

Ethiopia Forest Development

Ethiopian Food and Drug Administration

Ethiopian Government Electronic Service

Ethiopian Intellectual Property Authority

Ethiopian Investment Portal

Ethiopian Management Institute

Ethiopia Passport Service

Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Service

Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Ethiopian Standard Institute

Ethiopian National Spatial Data Infrastructure

E-trade Online Trade Registration and Licensing System


FDRE Legal Portal

Federal Anti-Corruption Commission

Federal First Instance Court

Federal Police

Federal Supreme Court

Federal Tax Appeal Commission

Financial Intelligence Center

Food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

Grand Renaissance Dam Coordination Office

House of People's Representatives

House of Federation

Immigration and Citizenship Service

Industrial Parks Development Corporation

Job Creation Commission

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Industry

Ministry of Innovation and Technology

Ministry of Planning and Development

Ministry of Revenue

Ministry of Trade and Regional Cooperation

Ministry of Water and Energy

Ministry of Women and Social Affairs

National Academic Digital Library of Ethiopia

National Bank of Ethiopia

National Data Management Center for Health

National Conflict Early Warning & Rapid Response System

Education Assessment and Exam Service

National Gender Information System

National ID Ethiopia

National Intelligence and Security Service

Policy Studies Institute

President Office

Prime Minister's Office

Public Service Transport Service

Private Employees Social Security Administration

Public Employees Social Security Administration

Public Procurement and Property Authority

Transport Systems Improvement Project

Transport Investment Summit


Regional states


Amhara National Regional State Portal

Dessie City Administration

Bahirdar City Administration



Benishangul Mass Media



Bishoftu City Administration

Oromia Construction Bureau

Oromia Culture and Tourism Bureau

Oromia Education Bureau

Caffee Oromia

Gada Special Economic Zone Authority



Municipality of Harar



Jijiga City Administration

Somali National Regional State

Somali Regional State Irrigation Development Bureau


Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa Water Sewerage Authority

Education Bureau of Addis Ababa

Finance Bureau

Addis Ababa City Housing Development Bureau

Addis Ababa Police

Addis Ababa Transport Bureau

Addis Mayor's Office

Addis Ababa City Admin. Landholding Registration and Information Agency


South West

Dawro Zone